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Today’s technology offers unprecedented opportunities, and it’s our duty to seize them. CORE 2 enables companies to manage their establishments without compromise, leveraging our solutions to optimize omnichannel management processes and ensure controlled productivity. Join us in shaping a smart economy and unlocking greater profitability together.

Our story

Core 2 stems from a seed of inspiration planted a decade ago in the vibrant heart of the Mascarene Islands. It was during my observations of clients navigating the challenges of just-in-time scenarios that the vision for Core 2 began to crystallize. Witnessing the need for seamless access to suppliers’ inventory in real-time and the ability to place orders effortlessly amid fluctuating demand, I decided to dive deep into this realm, immersing myself alongside traders to truly understand their needs.

After a period of immersion and collaboration with numerous establishments, the culmination of this journey resulted in the development of our first cash register software: YABLEO. Crafted in tandem with insights from hundreds of businesses, YABLEO marked the initial step towards facilitating the digital transformation of merchants.

Recognizing the evolving landscape of commerce and the imperative for adaptation, we concurrently crafted TRADASTRA, an innovative online sales platform intricately synchronized with our POS systems. These pivotal years of hands-on experience and iterative refinement have paved the way for the unveiling of our latest offering: a comprehensive solution poised to redefine how businesses operate in the digital age.

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Our expertise empowers big companies to effortlessly oversee their commercial operations

Business Managment

Omnichannel management tailored for multi-store setups, chains, and franchises, ensuring seamless integration and synergy across all channels.

Purchasing center

Explore the capabilities of an internal marketplace as your own e-Procurement platform. Streamline your processes and enhance efficiency within your organization.

Teem Network

Facilitate seamless collaboration among your diverse stakeholders, fostering fluid communication and synergy across teams and departments.

POS and e-Shops

Unify your distribution channels with our POS and e-shop integration, ensuring auto-synchronization across all sales channels through a single platform.

Customers Loyalty

Enhance customer experience and boost engagement with an advanced loyalty program, designed to drive repeat business and foster stronger connections with your audience.

Business intelligence

Gain valuable insights into your business’s performance with our comparative analysis tools and real-time tracking features, enabling you to make informed decisions and stay ahead of the competition.

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Our ambition is to elevate companies worldwide by fostering entrepreneurship through impactful tools. We realize this vision by upholding our core values: Innovation, Quality, and Trust.

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